Rockland Rotary President, Bob Bird, presents our District Governor, Tina Chapman, with a check for $1,500 to go toward her District Project to decrease chronic childhood malnutrition in two villages in the Highlands of Guatemala. "Chronic childhood malnutrition is a complex problem that requires a wide range of interventions. Many efforts to reduce chronic childhood malnutrition in Guatemala address only one or a few of the interrelated causes. In this project we will address all of the causes identified in two communities and have identified 33 necessary malnutrition interventions. Such an integrated approach in neighboring villages has been shown to have a much more dramatic impact of reducing chronic childhood malnutrition than projects using just a handful of interventions. The project will be based on a community empowerment approach to ensure that the changes brought about by the project continue after Rotarians leave." (DGE Tina Chapman's District Governor's Project shared by Deb Walters)